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The best and most beautiful things in the
world cannot be seen or even touched

They Must be Felt
with the Heart

Helen Keller


About Me


B.A.Mod. (Econ)

M.Sc. Psychotherapy (Systemic)

Certified Chemical Dependency Practitioner (Hazelden, U.S.A.)

Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (S.E.P.)

Brendan completed his initial training as a counsellor in addiction at the Hazelden Foundation, Minnesota in 1998. He gained an M.Sc. in Systemic Psychotherapy at the Mater Hospital in 2005 and is a registered family therapist with the F.T.A.I.. He holds a European Certificate in Psychotherapy and is aIso a registered somatic experiencing practitioner(S.E.P.). In addition he is a clinical supervisor having completed his training in T.C.D. in 2017, and has completed training in cognitive behavioural coping skills with the University of Leeds.


He has worked as a counsellor at Tabor Lodge residential rehabilitation facility in Cork, Aislinn Adolescent Addiction Treatment Centre in Kilkenny and, from 2001to 2013 at Keltoi, an HSE therapeutic residential rehabilitation facility in Dublin, where he was manager and senior clinician. He is currently in private practise.


He has taught on the Msc’s in Family Therapeutic Skills and Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy in P.C. I. College, and is currently teaching on the Msc in systemic family therapy at University College Dublin (U.C.D.) Brendan is also an assistant teacher in somatic experiencing in both Spain and Scotland.


Brendan was co-author of a published outcomes study while at Keltoi, as well as author of a feasibility study on the setting up a residential centre for psychological trauma in Ireland. As a member of the HSE working group on residential treatment and rehabilitation, Brendan has highlighted the need for a more holistic approach to working with addiction, and his specific recommendations in relation to trauma-informed care were included in the national clinical guidelines for opioid substitution treatment.

Brendan has also published a number of articles, and presented at a number of events on the topics of addiction, psychological trauma and embodiment.






Working Systemically with Individuals, Couples, Families and Adolescents and Specializing in Trauma, Addiction & Supervision

Systemic Therapy

A systemic approach focuses on exploring the context within which a behaviour occurs. The belief is that if we understand the context, we will understand the behaviour.

This approach works equally well with individuals, couples, families and groups.

Couples Therapy

In my work with couples I prioritise creating an environment of safety. It is only in an environment of safety that constructive conversation can happen. Once the couple feel safe, we can then explore the patterns that have brought about the difficulties, in a collaborative and constructive way.

Psychological Trauma

I believe that one of the most important and fundamental shifts in how we see mental and indeed physical health in recent years is the emerging and growing acceptance of the importance of psychological trauma.

Adolescent Therapy

For the adolescent this period in their lives can be incredibly challenging. At the anatomical level they are going through seismic changes. These are at a physical, at a hormonal and at a neurobiological level. These alone can be very overwhelming and disorienting.


The core issue with addiction I believe arises out of the fact that as humans we have core needs that we can only get met in relationship with other human beings. We either learn to get those needs met or we learn to cover them up. Probably the most common way we learn to cover them up is with addiction.

Clinical Supervision

Ultimately, I believe clinical supervision can involve an exploration of anything which can be an obstacle to the supervisee bringing about the best clinical outcome for their client(s) and to them growing and minding themselves as a professional(s) and as human being(s).

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